Quarter to Six has been an idea bubbling away for a couple of years, and now it has finally come to life.

Jane Elizabeth, our brilliant Founder (who may also have written this herself), is putting her organisational skills, spreadsheet love, and industry knowledge, into action.

Jane has been in the Industry in the UK and Australia for over 20 years, working in many different arenas. Roles have included Producer’s Assistant, Showrunner’s PA, Post-Production Coordinator, Editor, Acting Studio Manager, branding / industry tutor, Casting PA, Director, Writer, and most importantly for this blurb, Assistant Agent and Actor.

All our Actors are not only super-talented performers, but they are also Industry savvy, so we love working collaboratively with them. We see the Actor / Agent relationship as a partnership where we work together, with an open and honest dialogue.

If you are wondering where the name comes from…. well, it’s like a David Lynch film… We’re not going to tell you, but will let you come up with your own interpretation – mostly because the story is not that interesting!

We are looking forward to growing our team, and seeing what the future holds.


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