With Director Suri Krishnamma & Actor Sophie Boettge, filming short for Drama Centre project.

An everyman ‘nice guy’ type, with a penchant for playing a creepy, dark or deadpan twist”

Adam grew up on an estate in Leicester, but now lives in a leafy part of North London. He left school at 16 and worked in a print factory with no windows for four years before an abrupt turn at 20, when he joined Leicester Haymarket Young People’s Theatre group. He then moved to London to pursue dance at The Laban Centre For Movement & Dance.

For 12 years he worked in dance and devised theatre, touring nationally and internationally, with numerous companies, including National Youth Dance Company, Protein Dance, Point Blank and The Cholmondeleys & The Featherstonehaughs. He then took a career break and become a Pilates and yoga teacher of some renown, with students who ranged from the local community to Oscar winners. He was accepted into three drama schools in his forties before graduating from Drama Centre London in 2020. Adam is proud of both his breadth of life experience and discipline, which forms the bedrock of his work.

Your determination will open doors to a bright future and your generous personality will encourage casting directors and directors to offer a wide range of roles in future productions”. Suri Krishnamma, BAFTA Nominated Director.

You have a truthfulness and an emotional integrity, that feeds into your work. Youʼre very open to ideas, when building a character, with a strong instinct for what is required. Above all you have a stillness and an understanding of film, which puts you in a good place”, Danny Hiller, Director.

You have enormous focus, and have developed a sound methodology…You are a natural collaborator”, Michael Bray, Director.