Production shot from The Dupe. Photography by Sarah McKenna Ayres.

Elliott is an inventive and wide ranging actor, who can walk the line of bringing characters to life with a comedic nature or a darker mind.

Raised by the wild shores of the North Kent coast, Elliott has always been creating stories. His early ambitions of performing have taken him a long way from the days of adapting children’s tales for his family and impersonating people at school. With his army of different voices in one hand and his skill for improvisation in the other, Elliott has always been determined to develop his imagination and performance abilities further.

A few years on, the drive is still as strong as it’s always been. His character acting skills and comedic timing, with his energy for theatre and TV acting makes him a versatile actor who can bring vivid characterisations to life.

When not acting or writing, Elliott enjoys travelling and watching live music, but is having to find comfort at home for the foreseeable future. He is fine with this whilst the coffee machine is still working and Netflix isn’t buffering.