Jamie Dyer 5.png

Jamie was raised in Berkshire where he discovered his natural affinity for performing. Unlike most boys, Jamie stayed around 5”0 until he was 16 and so playing sports was like hitting your head against a brick wall repeatedly – painful, and so he stuck to his previous training in acting, music, and dance and decided to follow his dream and take it to the next level.

Graduating from Drama St Mary’s, Jamie is looking forward to seeing what his career has in store for him. He has had the opportunity to perform at the Soho Theatre as well as work alongside many writers, directors, and actors and learn from them. He can’t wait to expand upon his arsenal and become the best he can possibly be!

Famous for his shower singing and drunk dancing Jamie loves to entertain at any given opportunity. Jamie can usually be heard from about a mile away when laughing (seriously, he’s had noise complaints) and be found laughing more than everybody else at his own jokes! Just in general a happy, fun-loving guy who loves to entertain those around him.