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Livia is a Pan-European Actor, Director and Writer. Her scriptwriting debut was with the play “Banana”, which she also acted in, and was produced by the “Chronic Love Dispensary” and shown at Park Theatre and Phoenix Arts Club. This was followed by the piece “The Perfect Piece of Meat” at Etcetera Theatre. Livia originally started writing poems and short stories that have been adapted to screenplays. She also started directing new writing theatre pieces, working with up and coming writers and theatre groups such as “The Aroused”, by Ed Mannion, produced by the Black Cat Theatre, and “Honey”, by James Mannion, produced by Rebound Productions.

As a side project she worked as a Director at the London Scriptwriting festival 2018.
Recently, her new script “The Second Coming” has been selected by John Thaw Inititive Season and is in pre-production to be shown in March 2020. Livia will play the role of Ella. Her latest role was Miss M in the feature “Like” which screened at Raindance 2019.

Originally from Brazil, Livia has been living, studying and working in Europe for the past decade.