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On set for short film shoot with Suri Krishnamma

“Northern, working-class, raw and edgy. Showing the truth through humanity and humour.”

‘I grew up in North Shields, Newcastle upon Tyne, in a typical working-class upbringing. I ignited my repressed yearning to act when I filled in for roles on short films and comedy sketches I made whilst at university.

I became heavily inspired by the works of Shane Meadows, Paddy Considine, Ken Loach and European cinema from the likes of Pawel Pawlikowski, Michael Haneke and Lukas Moodysson. This propelled me to want to become an actor and filmmaker; creating work that is similarly steeped in the truth of real people, showing humanity through humour and pathos, on stage and screen.’

Michael graduated from Drama Centre London this year. BAFTA nominated director, Suri Krishnamma, on filming an adapted scene from ‘The Virtues’ with Michael:

“You clearly knew you would need to dig deep, emotionally and physically, to deliver an authentic performance in what would be a very challenging role. That you achieve an excellent performance is testament to your hard work, discipline and courage. Given your undoubted talent, and strong physical looks, you will no doubt find many exciting opportunities available to you in the moving image industry in years to come”.