“Mites” at the Hen and Chickens, 2018. Photography by Cali @caglarcalitr

A warrior with a soft heart below the surface. Equally drawn to characters with cracks in their armour or a story to tell. She can talk the hind legs off a donkey with wit and sarcasm, but when her lips are sealed, her face tells a thousand stories.

I born and brought up in London/Essex with roots spanning from Nottinghamshire to South East Asia. I was one of the last of The Poor School cohort graduating in 2018. I came to the acting profession late having worked in social work since the late 90s. A chance opportunity to do a 4 day taster course at drama school (I needed to use up my annual leave), led to two years of hard graft, blood sweat and castings – best decision I ever made and it still blows my mind today. I will be eternally grateful to the universe that always gets us on the right path in the end. Je ne regrette rien. 

P.S. I’ve got a First in MSc in Terrorism studies (was on the first course in England) and a Gymnastic award Grade 3 (I got that at Butlins when I was about 10). Full of surprises me. You won’t find that on Spotlight.  

When I’m not acting, I’m directing or writing – currently working on my first play and my first short film (behind the camera, or probably to the side if I’m getting in the way).