THE_DUPE_OCT_2019311019DSC_1388BWPhoto by Sarah McKenna-Ayers.

“Small, dark and a little handsome. Charming and chatty but with the energy of a child that’s drank a litre of Coca Cola. Imagine George Clooney meets Peter Pan.”

Thanael is an extremely explorative, playful actor with enough energy to take on the Duracell bunny and win.

Raised on the south coast of Cornwall in a farmhouse surrounded by fields, Thanael started using his imagination as a tool for entertainment very early on in life, spending many summer holidays marauding around the countryside in make shift Jack Sparrow or Musketeer costumes. 

Though he is now slightly taller, he carries this same commitment into his acting. Honing and focussing his imagination to get inside the mind of the character he is playing and explore every aspect of them.

When not acting, in the gym or practicing his BAFTA acceptance speech. You can find Thanael searching for new ways to expand his imagination and learn new skills.